You might be wondering what the deal is with this podcast.

Is it just an affiliate operation to boost Chris Brogan's profile? Are we linked to him commercially?


While we would like to see Chris succeed, we have no commercial ties with him.

We have contact with Chris. We like him. We think he can inspire and help people to achieve their business goals. So, we'd like to help expand his audience.

Chris knows about this podcast (he's even publicized it), but we are completely independent of each other.

Our ambition is simple. We'd like to contribute in our own way to your success, by riffing off what Chris writes in his subscription emails. By the way, you can get them directly by signing up on his website.

Chris isn't our only source of inspiration. We like to include the thoughts of others too. AJ Leon, for instance.

Affiliate links, etc

At the moment, we don't monetize this blog or the podcast in any way. That may change. We might add affiliate links to our blog posts, or take paid advertising slots in the side bar - that sort of thing.

We'll be honest and upfront when we do. For now, nothing here puts money in our pockets.

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