Friday, 12 October 2012

Business Jazz - 12th October 2012 - Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be great things, full of useful information that can help you achieve your goals. They can also be horrible pieces of writing aimed solely at your wallet rather than you.

In his own latest email missive, Chris Brogan discusses the right way to do things.

As an aside, you’ll have noticed the new logo for the podcast. Designed by Paul on a beach. Literally. The first draft was carved out in the sand.

 The second draft was crafted in Paul’s Moleskine. The third on Roger’s computer, and given the seal of approval over a gin and tonic.

A work in progress

Business Jazz is a collaboration.

If you’d like to subscribe to Chris Brogan’s email, you can do so by going here: You’ll get a great insight into doing business the modern way - the human way.

This programme is produced and wrangled into shape by Mark Cotton. Connect with him via his page. He's a great musician too. Just listen to this: Just Fontaine boo.

We record the show weekly at The Blackrock Castle Observatory Cafe. They always welcome us and our metres of cable with a smile. We pay for our own coffees. Just in case you think we get a kickback or anything. Not that we'd mind that. Not at all.

If you’d like to know more about Roger, he is here: The Digital Storyteller.

Paul is crafting something new, with a website to come, maybe as early as next week. Meanwhile, he’s @omaniblog on Twitter and he Audioboos too.

We’d love it if you connected with us and told us what you think. Leave a comment here or find us on Twitter: @omaniblog (Paul) and @RogerOverall.

Thank you for listening.

The Business Jazz Band

PS - Would you like to hear more? We sometimes record an afters session on Audioboo. This is this week's:

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