Thursday, 25 October 2012

Business Jazz - 26th October 2012 - Being Brave

The number one thing that holds us back from achieving our goals, from grasping our full potential, is ourselves.

Instead of taking action, we wait.

We wait for the perceived risks to abate, the circumstances to change, more time to become available to us. We wait for the support of others.

We promise we'll leap into action as soon as we have more money, fewer commitments, clearer goals.

Nothing happens. Even when opportunity comes knocking. "I'm not quite ready," we reply.


This week, Paul and Roger discuss two emails - one from Chris Brogan, the other from AJ Leon.

Both highlight the need for you to be courageous.

They urge you to take action over finding excuses.

Chris and AJ want you to become the whole person you are capable of being.

They offer advice.

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Help yourself

If you'd like to subscribe to Chris' emails, you find a place to sign up on his website.

If you're interested in The Impact Equation, the book he recently published with Julien Smith, you can find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

If you liked the sound of AJ Leon (and we think you probably do), you can connect with him at Pursuit of Everything.

Business Jazz Players

This podcast is a collaboration of people dotted around the world.

If you'd like to read our story so far, you'll find it here: Our Story. We've taken the liberty of adding AJ Leon.

PS - Would you like to hear more? We sometimes nearly always record an afters session on Audioboo. This is this week's:

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