Thursday, 29 November 2012

Business Jazz - 30th November 2012 - Being a Misfit

We're going to break a little from tradition this week and talk about someone else. Don't worry, Chris is here too. But we're going to start with a man who recently sent out an email actively encouraging people to go to cafes to steal a magazine.

That's right. Theft. You have his blessing.

Such a person can only be called a misfit. In fact, make that a capital "M". Misfit.

Who is this man?

His name is AJ Leon. He and his wife Melissa head up Misfit Incorporated, and they've just launched their magazine: Misfit Quarterly.

Online, it's free. Go get an e-copy.

Want a hard copy? Well, you can sign up to become an honorary misfit (though if you do, AJ and Melissa would probably capitalize you: Honorary Misfit). Or, you can trawl around after them and pick up a free copy wherever they happen to leave one. They're on a 1,080 day journey around the world. They might stop in at your local coffee shop some day.

Misfit Quarterly is an example of fresh thinking. Same goes for Chris Brogan's email last week as well. He wonders whether you usually slowdown in the run up to the end of the year. Is December a wind down month for you? Is your annual race run?

"No!" cries Chris. Beware. Push extra hard in December. Do stuff. Steal a march on your competitors. Steal a march on your former self. Make December really count.

Paul and Roger chew on this and much more (including Daley Thompson) in this week's episode of Business Jazz.

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Be a mMisfit

Intrigued by this man who is giving away his magazine? The man who invites you to steal one?

You can connect with AJ Leon here: Pursuit of Everything.

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