Friday, 9 November 2012

Business Jazz - 9th November 2012 - Being a Servant

This week, it's all about serving your customers. Chris Brogan says that everything works better if you consider yourself to be operating in service of others.

He suggests that you ask yourself five questions:

1) Is it easy for my buyer to reach me if they have a question? (Define "buyer" how you wish.)

2) Is my online presence as inviting as a store or office? Will people know what to do first when they connect with me? Do I guide them where they should go next? 

3) Do I make my product or service clear and understandable so that people feel they understand it?
4) Am I doing what I'm selling to make my buyer the hero? 

5) Am I ready to commit to full satisfaction from my customer?

Paul and Roger discuss each one in turn. They don't agree on the last one - the one that Chris highlights in particular. There is more on that in the follow-up recording below.

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Serve yourself

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