Saturday, 2 February 2013

Business Jazz – 2nd February 2013 – Being a Good Neighbour is Good for Business

Being neighbourly isn't a concept taught at many business schools – or at least, we don't think so. But if your intention is to generate business through your online activities, it is a very important one.

Helping others is a great way to build your community. It establishes and deepens relationships. And once the relationship is in place, business will follow – often in very surprising ways.

Paul is unavailable for the next couple of weeks, so in this episode Roger is joined by Jane Boyd to discuss an email by Chris Brogan in which he looks at how to be neighbourly online.

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If you'd like to hear an audio version of the email we're discussing this week, you can listen to it on his blog.

Be Chris Brogan's Neighbour

If you'd like to be a neighbor to Chris (or allow him to be a neighbour to you), you can subscribe to his emails (the ones we discuss here), on his website.

If you're interested in The Impact Equation, the book he recently published with Julien Smith, you can find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK (these aren't affiliate links, by the way).

Business Jazz Players

This podcast is a collaboration of people dotted around the world. Most of us have never met each other. It's quite a story and it's still evolving. 
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Would you like to hear more? We have a tradition on the show. Immediately after each recording of the podcast proper, we record an Audioboo with additional thoughts. We did one this week, but Roger lost his. With a bit of luck, Jane's will appear here later. Stay tuned.

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