Saturday, 27 April 2013

Business Jazz – 26th April 2013 – The Cat Herder and the Leaning Shed of Near Vancouver

TOPICS THIS WEEK: Shipping imperfection; Being unique and marketing that; Working from Sheds

Perfection is key to success in business, right? Your product needs to be perfect to survive in the marketplace. If it isn't, your clients won't like it. Your competitors will steamroller over you.


Maybe not. Just how perfect should perfection be? There is a point at which perfection is a killer. You keep delaying shipping. Remember that a project that is 95% done, but hasn't shipped, is as good as 0% complete from the perspective of the marketplace. And a 0% product or services isn't attractive at all.

This week we look at perfection in business and how you don't always need to deliver perfection. In fact, have a listen to this episode of Chris Brogan's podcast in which he interviews Paul: The Human Business Way, Episode 10.

The conversation about perfection or imperfection turns to office space. Jane has moved into a shed. Sounds odd? Turns out working from sheds isn't uncommon. In fact, it's quite popular: Shed Working.

Jane at work in the Leaning Shed of Near Vancouver (herded cat in attendance)

We also look at how you market the mundane compared with marketing the new and unique. You'd think the latter would be easier. It isn't necessarily. After all, you have to overcome people's unfamiliarity with the product and service. How can they buy what they don't know or understand, especially if it pushes the envelop?

That also impacts you. If you're doing something new, how do you describe yourself?

Links to people and things we mention

Chris Brogan
Peter Cox
Shed Working
Phil Sorrell
Joel Buckland

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This podcast is a collaboration of people dotted around the world. Most of us have never met each other. It's quite a story and it's still evolving. 
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