Friday, 21 December 2012

Business Jazz - 21st December 2012 - Customers and Community

If we learned anything from Instagram's misstep in the past week it's that businesses struggle to understand the concept of community - even those who are in the social media space.

Making yourself attractive in business is about being able to respect the community you serve.

Chris Brogan talks about the difference between customers and community in his latest podcast and newsletter. He discusses why not all of the people who come to your shop have to buy. The fact that they are bringing their communities into contact with you is already enough. Treat them well and rewards will follow.

Paul and Roger discuss what this approach means in the real world of business. Can the concierge experience be used to improve the sales process?

To serve them well, you need information about your clients and customers. Yet blatant interrogation can be off putting. How do you elicit information and still remain attractive to the customer?

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