Friday, 14 December 2012

Business Jazz - 14th December 2012 - Introducing The Flapp

It's an oft-quoted trend: smartphone and tablet sales are outstripping those of laptop and desktop computers.

There is another way of reading that: our social media experience is becoming mobile.

Or how about this interpretation? The window to our online experience is getting smaller. That is: the screens we use are getting smaller.

All that has an impact on our online experience, says Chris Brogan.

Most companies tailor their online presence towards viewers with a large screen. That doesn't provide a great experience for those of us reaching out to them from mobile devices.

Paul and Roger take this to the extreme. Will websites make way for apps produced by individuals, companies and collectives?

What does that mean for Google's powerhouse search engine? Will your app store become your search engine instead?

What about apps themselves? Let us introduce you to the Fluid App (Flapp). Perhaps, we'll all be flapping in the future. You heard it hear first.

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Instead, here's a brief chat about an idea to produce a rolling list of the people mentioned in the podcast.


  1. Great episode. At first I was offended at your comment that the laptop will die. However, I think laptops and desktops will still be needed for only for those who need the extra power to design and create content. Consumers will want mobile devices and mobile devices will be the platform for the singularity when apps converge with services.

  2. The review of the podcast - recorded immediately afterwards - as we recover from the excitement of recording is here :

    Roger Overall said he thought it was the best episode yet...

  3. I think it's probably more accurate to say that even with the best touchscreens and the most sophisticated of gestures implemented by the operating systems, the keyboard will never die.