Friday, 7 December 2012

Business Jazz - 7th December 2012 - The World is within Reach of Your Couch

Could you imagine changing your life and transporting yourself from your living room couch to a luncheon table with a princess?

Does that seem like too big a leap to contemplate?

For many of us, it does. We are held back by our imagination. And even if we have the imagination to imagine such ambitions, we lack the belief that we can achieve them. We decide they are beyond us.

Not so, says Chris Brogan. He should know. He has made the journey from 9-5 wage slave seeking evening solace in front of the TV to having lunch with Sheika Mariam of Abu Dhabi.

In his latest email, he urges you to paint the picture of your life with bolder, bigger brush strokes. He also offers some tools to help you achieve that.

Paul and Roger add their views to the mix.

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If you'd like to subscribe to Chris' emails yourself (the ones we discuss here), you'll find a place to sign up on his website. 
If you're interested in The Impact Equation, the book he recently published with Julien Smith, you can find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK. 

Business Jazz Players

This podcast is a collaboration of people dotted around the world. Most of us have never met each other. It's quite a story and it's still evolving. 
If you'd like to read what's happened so far, you'll find it here: Our Story

Today we are going to add two more people to the band. We haven't asked them, but they have been so wonderful we would be sad if they weren't included.

First, the super Martin Daniel, a listener in Chennai in India, who has made us smile on many occasions with his support on Twitter. To think our band of heroes has reached that far from home gives us so much pleasure.

We get equal pleasure from the connection we have made with Roger's motherland via Maaike van Dijk-Bokkers. Maaike too has been a lovely Twitter advocate to have in recent months as the podcast grows.


Would you like to hear more? Immediately after each recording of the podcast proper, Paul gets out his iPhone and we record an Audioboo with additional thoughts.

Here's this week's: (Well, the first bit of it. A tragedy befell the recording...)

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