Thursday, 20 June 2013

Business Jazz – 20th June 2013 – How Authentic is too Authentic?

TOPICS THIS WEEK: Being authentic as a marketing tool

Authenticity is a big buzzword in content marketing at the moment. The question is, how authentic should you be?

A second issue concerns how much you push your successes over your failures. Some of us are only really comfortable presenting a facade of wild success to the outside world. Yet in doing so we run the risk of not connecting properly with our audience. Nobody only experiences good things in their lives. Often revealing some setbacks or missteps make us seem more human and accessible. On the flipside, revealing business struggles can put off clients.

Plenty of connundrums there.

The video

Here is the video of the Google+ hangout recorded during the recording of this week's podcast episode:

Links to people and things we mention

We didn't mention anyone this week. But do go here: Liz Strauss Fundraiser

New rallying point

You are a big part of the story of this podcast. We'd like you to be an even bigger part of it. To help with that, and to help us have discussions about being genuinely attractive in business, we've established a LinkedIn group. Please knock on the door and we'll let you in.

Country tally

We're hoping to get a listener in every country in the world. The amazing, super, fantastic, wonderful Phil Sorrell has produced an interactive map for us. If you have a Twitter account, you'll be able to add yourself to the map. Hurry – maybe you can be the first in your country.

You can find the map here: Business Jazz Global Listener Map.

Listening to the podcast

You can listen to this week's podcast using the player at the top of the post or download it directly here: Business Jazz – 20th June, 2013.

We're also in iTunes. We'd love it if you subscribed or left some feedback.

Business Jazz Players

This podcast is a collaboration of people dotted around the world. Most of us have never met each other. It's quite a story and it's still evolving. 
If you'd like to read what's happened so far, you'll find it here: Our Story.

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